Collagen: Eight reasons to start taking supplements
From Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Cameron Diaz admit to have taken collagen supplements. Do you need more reason to join this healthy beauty-care trend? We give them to you.

1 – Collagen is the most prominent protein in our bodies and as we grow old our capacity to synthetize it falls off and in some cases (being overweight, excessive training, stress…) it plummets. That’s why it’s recommended as a supplement and why it shouldn’t be down on the priority list for too long.
– Collagen is not easily absorbed from foodstuffs. “Natural collagen rich ingredients are seldom consumed if at all (a few examples are fish skin and bones, cartilages on meat pieces bone broths and gelatin…)”.Arkopharma’s director of communication Mary Luz Garcia Toro explains: the collagen we ingest needs first to hydrolyze, split into amino-acids, in order to be absorbed and act on the body. “…the current nutritional pyramid already indicates that in our diets must have supplements to achieve balance.” adds the Medical Director of Codigo372, Phd. Sara Segovia.

2 – We assure to have the right type of collagen. Not only in quantity, we recommend a target of 10gr of collagen as the daily doses, but also the type, there are over 20 types of collagen the most important ones being type I and type II. Mary Luz Toro Garcia explains: “Type I is found mainly in bones, tendons, spinal discs and skin”. The way the fibers are arranged grant flexibility and strength at the same time. “Type II is the main component of cartilage tissue and may also be found in spinal discs”.
– Meritxel Marti, Pharmacist and owner of Meritxel Pharmacy (Andorra, Spain) adds: “the doses on collagen supplements is higher and more efficient that the amount that we can absorb from foodstuffs. Besides, we make sure that we are taking the proper type that we need for our objective. Usually types III and I for our skin and Type II for the articulations.

3 – Are you over 25 and / or an athlete? After 25, you star losing a 1.5% per year affirms Dr. Segovia, which is why it is the best time to start with a collagen supplement. “Let’s not say around 40 which is when the body begins to oxide and collagen becomes irreplaceable” she enlarges. The daily intake of collagen helps fight flaccidity not only in the face but also in the whole body. Studies show that an increase in collagen fiber density helps mitigate radiation damage on the skin. However, most studies reflect on the effect to prevent cartilage degeneration (arthrosis). Collagen aids the muscular mass and the fibers around articulations to reduce the wear on the articulations. If the supplement you take, also has actives like hyaluronic acid, magnesium or similar reactants with anti-oxidation or anti-inflammatory properties it will better the cartilage, reducing the joint pain from wear, and grind.

4- Other proven benefits. Dr. Segovia points at research showing the efficiency of collagen supplements acting not only on the skin, hair, nails, and cartilages but also on the ligaments, teeth and gums. “Collagen is the natural adhesive that binds our body together, it grants strength and structure to our organs”

5- Prevents and cures daily doses of collagen supplements can prevent the degradation of cartilage tissue and favor its regeneration, depending on the type of collagen they contain. “Age, scars and overweight start a process that destroys collagen and set in motion an immune response in the form of an inflammation process. Here is where type II of collagen is chief. Being in contact with your intestines, it’s capable of stopping the immune reaction and avoid the degradation of collagen”.

6- It’s never alone. “Supplements include additional reagents that increment the effectivity of the collagen like hyaluronic acid (helps structure and provides firmness), C vitamin (aids the synthesis process), and glucosamine (provides elasticity to joints)”. Mentions Ms. Garcia Toro.
Merixtell assures that his supplement contains actives that avoid the accumulation of toxins in the digestive track that may interfere with the absorption of the natural nutrients it contains. In all the supplement aims to increase the skin natural luminosity, hydration, aging and avoid flaccidity.

7- Quick results: While the benefits of nutria-cosmetic are more noticeable on the long term, Dr. Segovia affirms that having collagen supplements daily, our hair and nails will show improvement in 10 days. In two to three weeks, it will be noticeable in the skin and finally, six to eight weeks for the joints. While on the very first day the skin show more luminosity and vital energy, on the 15th day the skin will look more hydrated and elastic. By the 30th day, we notice an improvement on firmness.

8- It does not have any counter indications and it is for life. Having collagen supplements on the right dosses does not carry any counter-indications aside from the regular allergic reaction that one may have to the reagents that compose the supplement. Assures Ms. Garcia Toro. It can be taken continuously and for as long as desired. Dr. Segovia recommends having it assiduously. “It’s proven that after 15 day break the collagen levels begin to fall again”